Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law Advising at the U of M

Pre-Law advising services are open to all students and alumni of the university, regardless of college. There are two main ways to interact with our office, drop-in hours and appointments. Please see the details below about which option is best for you based on where you are in your pre-law or law school journey.

Peer Advising Drop-Ins

Drop-ins are with a Pre-Law Peer Advisor and typically last 10-15 minutes.

Go to a drop-in if you:

  • want to learn ways to explore law
  • find out what it means to be ‘pre-law’
  • want to learn more about how to create an application timeline
  • want to learn about LSAT prep

Drop-In Hours

Advising Appointments

Individual appointments are 30-minute meetings with the Pre-Law Advisor.

Make an appointment if you:

  • are currently in the application process
  • have attended a drop-in but have more questions
  • want to review your personal statement/application


2-Credit Course on Law School Exploration

OUE 3205 Law School Exploration, is designed for any student interested in exploring law school and the legal field. Students at any grade level can take this course to gain a better understanding of the legal field and the law school application process. 

2-Credit Course

Pre-Law Workshops and Events

See preview recordings and upcoming workshops related to exploring pre-law, personal statements, the law school application process, and more. 

Workshops and Events