2-Credit Course on Law School Exploration

This 2-credit, OUE 3205 Law School Exploration, is designed for any student interested in exploring law school and the legal field. Students at any grade level can take this course to gain a better understanding of the legal field and the law school application process. 

Course Format & Assignments

Virtual Section offered both Fall & Spring

This is a full-semester (14 weeks) 2-credit virtual and asynchronous course. The course is facilitated through Canvas and utilizes weekly videos from the instructor and extensive weekly modules with frequent interaction with peers and the instructor. Course activities include:

  • videos from guest speakers - law students, lawyers, law professors, and legal career experts;
  • learning about each element of the law school application process;
  • and exploring your own values, skills and strengths and how those interact with the legal field. 

Through the course, you will connect with a law student, a lawyer, brainstorm topics for your personal statement, and conduct extensive research on a law school that you select.

In-person section offered Spring

This is a full-semester, 2-credit course. This class meets in-person, and may include off-campus visits of law schools and/or law firms, arranged within the timeframe of the class meetings.

Course activities include:

  • Live guest speakers - law students, professors, and lawyers
  • In-class discussions and activities surrounding values exploration, brainstorming personal statement topis, and career exploration
  • Visits to law schools and/or law firms

In the in-person section of this course, you will also be required to connect with a law student, a lawyer, and will brainstorm topics for your personal statement.

Want to explore law but don't want to take the 2-credit course? Check out our self-paced Canvas module: Pre-Law 101.

The Pre-Law 101 Module is perfect for someone just starting to explore law school and outlines how to explore, ways to gain experience, and a brief overview of the timeline and application process. This module is available for currently enrolled University of Minnesota students only.