U of M’s Pre-Law Option

Pre-Law is not a specified major at the UMN, with a prescribed set of courses you must complete. That’s because there is no specific Pre-Law college program that is required for the eventual admission to law school. 

Most legal educators and attorneys simply recommend a well-rounded, bachelors-level education as preparation for law school—which means you can choose any academic program that sparks your interest or even create your own. There is no “preferred major” that will make it easier for you to get accepted into law school when you apply.

So if Pre-Law isn’t a major, what is it, exactly?

Think of it as a subsection of UMN undergraduates, from a wide variety of UMN colleges and majors, who are all interested in attending law school after they graduate. 

Pre-Law students range from being undeclared freshmen to alums who graduated many years ago. They are advised through the Pre-Law Advising Office for pre-law questions and application assistance and continue to receive advising related to college and major requirements through your assigned academic advisor. In the pre-law advising office, you’ll get the targeted services you need to:

  • Choose (or create) a major and coursework that will prepare you for future legal studies.
  • Create a timeline for your law school application.
  • Learn about the requirements for law school admission.
  • Have your law school personal statement be reviewed.

In short, Pre-Law is not a major (or minor). It’s a career direction—one the Pre-Law Advising Office can help you pursue if you so choose.

But you should do your homework first so that you can make an informed decision about law school and an eventual career in the field.